It has rained for weeks! The weeds have gone crazy. The raised beds in the vegetable garden are easy to maintain. They are mulched and it is easy to pull out the occasional weed. HOWEVER, everywhere else is covered up. Here is a bit of what I have to contend with.

There is a new weedy vine in town! Haven’t seen this one before. It is everywhere. All tangled up in my little fruit trees, flowers etc. There is a little apple tree under this vine!

New weedy vine

Actually there are TWO new weeds in town. This one looks like Nasturtium leaves – but bigger. Attractive.  Noticed it in several places. Tried to pull it up. Hummm, long white runner roots underground. Greeeat. More hands and knees weeding. 😖

Pretty round leaves on this weed

Nutsedge in the Food Forest!. This is impossible to get rid of. I dug it out very carefully last year. It has come back with a vengeance! I am going to cut it and cover it with cardboard and mulch it. Maybe I can smoother it?? ?? Found some in my garden beds, but I think I can keep it at bay. I did see a “Nutsedge killer spray”.  I may have to check into that.

That damn creeping Charlie!. The first picture is a innocent looking little pretty vine. Then BAMM – it covers everything in a mat! The worst part – Years ago, I actually dug up some of that pretty little vine and brought it home! It hit my good soil and went crazy.

We have been discussing moving to Oklahoma near my son. I could move off and leave the weeds! But, I would have to take starts of some of my flowers. The Peonies from my grandmothers, Moma’s Amaryllis, some of those disappearing lilies – naked ladies. And so forth – I would unknowingly carry some Creeping Charlie seed and maybe nutsedge with me. 😒

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After decades of gardening, I have embraced Permaculture as a way to continue gardening in the Winter of my life. I am converting traditional garden areas to Permaculture gardens. Massive project for an old woman. Like eating a elephant - one step at a time. Come along with me on this journey.

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