The Kitchen compost pail is full again!

A stainless steel compost pail with a lid sits on the kitchen counter. I bought it from Lee Valley years ago. I have been doing a lot of Winter cooking. Tried my hand at Borscht the other day, lots of scrapes!

What goes in the compost bucket? Anything compostable – except meat. We scrape our plates into it. Strawberry tops, banana peels, egg shells, coffee grounds, stale bread, and  “that broccoli that hid in the fridge”. Then it is taken to the garden and either the chickens get it or the worm bin and sometimes ……..

The chickens do not eat their compost scrapes fast enough. It begins to look unsightly outside their house. Right now they are still upset about the hawk that killed their buddy. They don’t want to come out of the house/pen area.

The worms have enough food right now! ( The worms really slow down in the winter.)

What to do with too much kitchen compost material?

Years ago I decided to dig holes or trenches and bury the compost bucket contents. In my old garden, it turned red clay into wonderful black earth. The worms thrived. So did my garden! It is sad that garden is so shaded out now. I am working on creating great soil in the side garden now. It is working!

Nice big fat earth worm

Sometimes, I strategically  place the compost holes in the food forest. Then I can plant some winter squash around them. The squash will become an edible ground cover! It worked well last year. But, I have to sprinkle Morganite around the fruit trees  every week or so to discourage the deer. There is no fence around my little food forest – yet!

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