Starting Seeds

It is time for starting seeds. Several ways to do this. My favorite is Winter sow. It is the easiest way ever, for starting seeds! A few weeks ago I prepared my containers, planted them and placed  them in the garden.  Today’s seedlings are Lettuce, chard, beets and leeks and they are already hardened off! They are ready to be planted into the garden soil. Here are the little Swiss chard seedlings in their new spot.

While I was out there, I planted some Sugar snaps along the tomato cage storage row. I store the tomato cages in the asparagus bed. A neat trick is to stretch out one of the folding ones in front of the permanent round ones. This gives you a trellis, but does not tie up your round tomato cages later on. Double or is it triple duty? Using a permanent bed for a annual bed and for storage.

Tomato cage trellis for Sugar Snaps

Beet, leeks and lettuce babies waiting o be planted into the garden beds.

Now it is time to start some seeds inside under lights. Tender things like tomatoes and peppers. And then will eggplant and herbs. Then it will be squash and melons. Just a few seeds to plant!

Seeds to plant

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After decades of gardening, I have embraced Permaculture as a way to continue gardening in the Winter of my life. I am converting traditional garden areas to Permaculture gardens. Massive project for an old woman. Like eating a elephant - one step at a time. Come along with me on this journey.

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