Spring already? A bloom tour of the rest of the garden.

It is mid February , and acting like Spring!  Flowers are blooming! Fruit trees are leafing out and budding up. One of the Peach trees is in bloom.  Scary …. you know a hard freeze will come and wipe out the peaches. Hopefully none of the new Food Forest trees will leaf out.

Peachtree in bloom

Peachtree in bloom

A walk about the yard. Some of the Azaleas are also in bloom.

White Azealea blooming

Old white Azalea bush bursting out with blooms

Look at this pretty pink Camilla. My son grew it from a cutting of his favorite Camilla when he knew he was moving from Atlanta.

Pretty pink Camilla

Pretty pink Camilla

One of my older Camilla bushes.

Dark pink Camilla

Dark pink Camilla in the woods

Another Camilla FULL of BUDS. This one is up closer to the house.

Camilla with bud

Camilla loaded with buds

And of course daffodils.

Daffodils blooming at the edge of the woods

Daffodils blooming at the edge of the woods

Hellebores are blooming under the deck. The first rain lily bloom.

Not a vegetable bloom in sight! But, perennial  bushes and flowers should be considered Permaculture plants. Eye candy. 😊



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After decades of gardening, I have embraced Permaculture as a way to continue gardening in the Winter of my life. I am converting traditional garden areas to Permaculture gardens. Massive project for an old woman. Like eating a elephant - one step at a time. Come along with me on this journey.

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