Permaculture Plants

As the beds are being created, I am incorporating some perennial Permaculture plants. So far ….

Artichokes in the outer edges, possibly in the Food Forest. It takes a longer time to make their flower buds. They also have spiky roots and a good choice for the Food Forest. Magnificent looking plant! And very good for you.

Amole – soap plant. This is a lily type plant with white blooms. After the second year, you dig up some of older bulbs. The outer husk can be used as a brush. The bulb is used as soap. Very mild, museums use it.

Asparagus in the outer edges. It is only harvested in the Spring and makes a pretty tall fern like foliage for a background. Good for outer edges.

Tree collards also on the outer edges that can be reached easily They get 5 – 6 feet tall. You harvest the leaves as they grow. They are green with a purple tint. Also some visual interest.

Perpetual Spinach an edible ground cover.

Herbs – Thyme, oregano, chives, garlic chives and fennel planted in the openings of the concrete blocks. They bloom, add visual interest and attract beneficals.

Beneifical insect plants. Asters, Russian sage, Bee Balm, Cat nip, and Cat Mint. Re-seeding annuals like Cleone and Queen Ann’s lace. These are also pretty and please me.

Yacon –┬áJicama. Grown for it’s bulb. A sorta sweet celery/Granny Smith taste. Good for the beneficial bacteria in your gut. Also adds benefical bacteria to the soil.

Prickly Pear – A perennial. And a food source since Pre-Columbia times. Full of vitamins and health benefits. Likes hot and dry conditions.

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