Permaculture Plants for today and the future.

It is Mid March. Thought I would show you some of the Permaculture plants I found emerging in the garden. Harvest for today and the future………..😊

The chickens are producing eggs steadily. I discovered pine bedding at Tractor Supply. It does a nice job in the chicken house. Absorbent, soft and easy to remove. Every week I put on gloves and scope out the chicken manure and pine shavings into a bucket, then spread it around the garden beds. The Pine shavings decompose and add to the compost effect. Chickens are not a plant – but, they are an important permaculture element. They perform multiple uses. They eat weeds and fertilize with their manure and feathers. And they till the soil. Plus provide eggs and meat. What a deal!


The leeks are getting big. And the multiplying onions are multiplying!  They are a permaculture plant. Permanent and edible.

Celery! Last year, I planted the end of a celery stalk.  It grew into a shaggy plant. That plant bloomed and I collected the celery seed to do something with in the kitchen. And today, I found a celery plant from a wayward seed! How cool. Think I will plant some more of the seed and see if I can get some celery stalks. Re-seeding plants are also permaculture plants.


The French tarragon is emerging. And look at that happy oregano! Herbs are also considered a permaculture plant. They are perennial, edible and medicinal.

Look at this nice big fat asparagus stalk! I eat them raw as a garden snack! Another perennial  plant.

Asparagus stalk

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