Parsnip harvest

Yesterday, I  pulled up a parsnip in the garden. This ONE  is enough for the two of us. My favorite recipe is Creamed Parsnips.

Foot long parsnip

Here is how I managed to grow this temperamental crop. Plus a recipe.

Benign neglect

After many years of unsuccessful attempts, last Fall, I dumped a pack of seeds in a Winter Sow container – but forgot to take it outside or even label it. I did water it every once in a while along with other things in the greenhouse.

Weeks later, I noticed something coming up. Saw a few seeds still laying on top and recognized it as parsnip seed. They are notorious for taking forever to germinate. Look closely and you will see a few round seeds on top.


So, how did I keep them happy in the garden? Again – neglect. I did not have much hope for them. But, I did plant them in a deep huglekultur bed. Along the edge. Then just ignored them. Not all of them survived. This Spring I pulled up a couple . They had evidently ran into some logs or twigs. They were forked. But, tasted good.

This partical parsnip was right on the edge and getting very tall. We had a rain and the ground was soft. Pulled it right up. So pleased!

I have a previous blog about parsnips and other difficult crops.

Creamed Parsnips

Wash and scrub the parsnip slice into rounds. Boil in salted water until just tender. Add a bit of butter. Pour in some heavy whipping cream to cover. Heat and eat.   YUMMY!




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