Time to Start Broccoli My Favorite Fall Crop

My favorite Fall crop is Broccoli, it is THE BEST. I start some in the greenhouse. Not that they need to be kept warm – just to be able to watch over them better. I like to plant succession plantings. Fresh Broccoli for months. Last Xmas, we had fresh Broccoli for dinner. My grandson commented that it was “really good Broccoli.” It is soooo much better than what you buy in the store………

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August Garden To Do

It is HOT! It is HUMID! I do not want to go outside! But, I must.

  1. Got to check the chickens food and water. That is a MUST DO
  2. Pick the pole beans
  3. Pick the figs, before the birds and wasps get them
  4. Pick the tomatoes before the birds get them
  5. and the French beans
  6. Fertilize the new tomato plants and squash plants
  7. Attack that new bug on the eggplant.

Then there is the …….

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Chickens at Work in the Garden

My yellow crookneck squash produced well this Spring. I froze quite a bit.  And then – the squash bugs arrived. Jillion’s of them! The chickens normally take care of them. But, this year – there were just too many. The squash plants gave up and did. I pulled them up and the chickens immediately cleaned up the bed. I did not take a before, but here is the after …….

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Replanting Time

Well, the yellow squash are spent! It has been really productive. No vine borers – but suddenly there are jillions of squash bugs. My chickens can not keep up! It is very HOT, and the poor plants can’t take heat and bugs! I had planted 6 plants this Spring and had plenty to eat and to freeze. There are only two of us, so 6 plants did well. I even ended up giving some to my squashless friends. 😊 I will be replanting 3 plants. It should keep us in fresh yellow squash till frost. Continue reading