Chickens in the Greenhouse

A arctic blast was predicted. 15 degrees! This is the South you know! My  poor chickens will freeze. We humans have been puny with some kind of cold thing the last two weeks. So,  I did not get the chicken house insulated.  It is the first winter with this new chicken house. A cute design – but, shoddy material. Thin pine boards. I had put pressure treated  1x6s under the bottom of the sides. Thin little pine boards would be rotten in no time.

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Why I have a Garden

I have a garden because, It is Winter and we are eating yellow squash, okra and Swiss chard  that I put in the freezer last summer. It is also cold. I may make some Chilli Verdi out of those green tomatoes in the freezer.

 Do I save money? NO! But, I know where my food comes from. I know there are no chemicals and bad things sprayed on my food. I know that I am not damaging the Earth.

And, it gets me outside in the sunshine and fresh air. I dig, hoe, plant, carry heavy things and walk around a lot. I get a lot of exercise and don’t even realize  it. I am fit and strong for an old lady. I move well, no bad joints and I walk tall and straight.

Plus, they say – as you get older – you need to use your mind. Well, I just finished inventorying my seeds and reading through my favorite seed catalogs. Planning and mapping out where and when I will plant stuff. Making three orders. So, that is mind exercise.

My favorite catalogs

And I am going attempt to learn more about how to do this blog. That is certainly a learning curve for me! I need a newsletter signup. And then need to figure out how to do a newsletter 😬. And I would like more traffic. So, I need to learn SEO.😳  And I want to share some recipes and link it in a post. Wonder how I do that? There are tutorials online. Winter is probably a good time to learn some of this!

Also, Winter is a great time to do some physical work outside. I won’t get hot and sweaty. And seem to have more energy in the cool air. (We don’t have snow here.)

The partial list for Winter:

1. I need to dig up some asparagus that I missed in the upper garden and transplant it to the asparagus bed in the side garden.

2. Need to carpet and mulch the paths in the upper garden. And around the new blueberries and blackberries.

3. Need to super mulch with that cedar stable “compost”  – that will never compost. This can go on flower beds.

4. I still need to bury a gutter pipe. Transplant some Mundo grass. Remove some non productive bushes. Plant the ferns along the woods  that are in hanging baskets. Cut back the monster fig tree.

Gardening is good exercise for my body and mind. It makes me happy to be outside in the sun, listening to natures sounds and feeling the breeze though my hair. Just makes me happy! And I get to eat wonderful fresh yummy veggies and fruit. What’s not to love!


Late Summer Vegetables in the Garden

The late Summer Vegetables are still producing. Okra and eggplant are still blooming and setting fruit. The new yellow squash and zucchini plants are coming along. Hope to get some squash before frost . The timbers behind the bed are for another project on the list!

And some flowers to brighten the day…….

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Parsnips And other difficult crops

Well, lookee here. Parsnips have germinated! They are soooo finicky and difficult to germinate. And here in the hot sticky South, they do not want to grow! You know, there is a saying, “God must be a gardener – Next years crop will be better”. We keep trying.


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Time to Start Broccoli My Favorite Fall Crop

My favorite Fall crop is Broccoli, it is THE BEST. I start some in the greenhouse. Not that they need to be kept warm – just to be able to watch over them better. I like to plant succession plantings. Fresh Broccoli for months. Last Xmas, we had fresh Broccoli for dinner. My grandson commented that it was “really good Broccoli.” It is soooo much better than what you buy in the store………

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