How to start seeds indoors

It is time to start seeds of tomatoes and peppers inside. No real expensive equipment needed. I use drug store heat pads, recycled 12 packs and pieces of mini blinds. And a shop light.

Supplies to start seeds

Fill your containers almost to the top with regular potting soil . Then use seed starting mix for the last inch. This saves some money and provides some finer soil to start the seeds. Plant your seeds. Water them well. Label them with a permanent marker on a piece of mini blind.

Seeds planted and labeled

Now place them on your heat pads. Cover them with plastic. Any old plastic will do. You just want to provide a warm moist environment. I just slip the container into a plastic grocery bag. I usually turn them on high and as soon as the pad is hot, I turn it to med.  Tomorrow if the soil is nice and warm, I may cut it down to low. It depends on the heat pad.

12 packs, covered and on heat pads

Above the heat pad area, hangs a shop light. It has chains and hooks that I can raise and lower the light.  I have lowered to just above  the containers. My shop light has a “daylight bulb”. Three heat pads and a shop light requires that I use a multi plug. And I plug the light into the timer and then into the multi plug. I find that works best to start seeds.

Three days later – here are some little tomato seedlings.

New tomato seedlings

Chicken visitors

it seems I left the basement door open ——— a couple of nosy chickens have found me.

Two chickens have come inside.

Rita and Gabby have come to see what I am doing.

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