Greenhouse decor – a picture tour

Winter! Everything outside is dull and dreary. Then you step into the Greenhouse …….The Meyer Lemon is perfuming the air……..

Meyer Lemon blooms

( that is chickweed growing on the floor among the pea gravel – that is OK – it is nice green chicken feed) And ………….

Look how happy the over wintering geraniums are.

( The clay “flat cat” is from my pottery days )

The succulents are doing well.

A few decor items for the greenhouse! Stained glass and leaded pieces that are damaged, or bought cheaply at garage sales. They just add some color and whimsey. I like whimsey!

(Have I mentioned I am a “artistwantobe”. Prone to artistic fits. )

My grandchildren painted a bit of art between the windows. Also hand prints. The hat rack, with more grand baby art. Also a “Best Tomato award” from last Summer’s tomato tasting. And a net to catch wayward, misbehaving chickens.

Speaking of  chickens – the girls came in the greenhouse to dine on chickweed. I let them out of the garden to roam around  when I am outside.

Chickens eating chickweed

Chickens eating chickweed.

A few more interesting pots and pot holders.

And some baby Meyer lemon trees.


Meyer lemon trees

Baby Meyer lemon trees

You can keep your weeding  hand in good shape during Winter in the greenhouse. Let’s not forget seed starting and propagating.

A greenhouse is a wonderful place to spend time on a dreary Winter day.


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