Chicken damage in the garden!

Hummmm, chicken damage to my broccoli plants!

Here are the guilty parties. Innocently eating the kitchen compost bucket contents.

Chickens eating scraps

Innocent looking chickens

The solution will be to clip their wings. It does not hurt them. They just will not be able to fly straight. That discourages them from trying to fly over fences or up in trees. I would like for them to have the option to fly for protection. However, I do not want them flying over the plant protection fences and creating more chicken damage. Next thing they will be flying over the garden fence. Then they will be a fox dinner!

Time to clip wings. The red chicken is very friendly. I sat on the raised bed ledge and  put her in my lap

Chicken on my lap

And pulled out one wing and trimmed the feathers. (I could not hold her, pull her wing out, cut it and take a picture with just two hands! So, you will see a left wing complete and a cut right wing.) This will keep her from flying over the chicken blocking fence.

I should have done this earlier, when we found one of the chickens on top of the gate one night.

The chickens LOVE BROCCOLI. This is the second time I have had damage. Sometimes it does not recover. Hopefully, it will recover this time and make heads before the cabbage worms arrive. I gave it a good dose of blood meal to help it recover. Might even give it some fish fertilizer in a few days.

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