Blackberry winter and blackberry wine!

We are having a Blackberry Winter! Wonderfully cool weather. Need to enjoy it before the hot, humid, sticky, buggy Summer arrives. (Can you tell Summer is not my favorite?)  If it wasn’t for the fresh vegetables and marvelous tomatoes, I could do without Summer. Take a look at what is going on now.

So, what is this about Blackberry wine? Well, over the years, I have dabbled in wine making. Always using unwashed wild blackberries. Sometimes dark or bronze muscadine grapes. They all have their own natural yeast if you don’t wash it off.  And since I do not use chemicals, it is not nessacary  to wash them. The rain does a good job of that.

It has been years since I have made any wine. I found this wine hidden in the basement. Bottled in dark beer bottles. It was labeled 1984 Blackberry! We unwired the cork, expecting vinegar. WOW, it was good! Smooth! A bit sweet and the color was pale. Five bottles. One of them looks like it will be vinegar. There is some “mother” floating in it. I know about “mother” because I make kobucha from time to time.

Four bottles of Blackberry wine.

The other four bottles. The one on the right is the vinegar.

Four bottles of Blackberry wine.

This one is vinegar. See the “mother”. It leaks at the cork. Yep, it is vinegar! But, very good vinegar.

Blackberry vinegar. See the mother in the bottle?

Here is what is happening in the garden

Squash will be ready soon!


Tomatoes are setting! Blight is already starting.😒 Just something to contend with when you grow heirlooms! It is OK, for the taste it is worth it. I think these are “Kellogg’s Breakfast”. A wonderful big yellow tomato.


The very last broccoli of the season.


Flowers abound. Look at those beautiful poppies.


I have had to replant my okra and French green beans. I planted them earlier, then we had some cool snaps. They did not come up.

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After decades of gardening, I have embraced Permaculture as a way to continue gardening in the Winter of my life. I am converting traditional garden areas to Permaculture gardens. Massive project for an old woman. Like eating a elephant - one step at a time. Come along with me on this journey.

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