Age Friendly Garden is almost Finished!

OK, I am 75 years old now. I can no longer do the field hand work. I needed an age friendly garden. Here is what I did. It works! It is easy to maintain and I love it! Not quite finished. Still have a couple more beds to create……..

All last Spring and Summer, I moved concrete blocks and dirt! Built 2 block high sides for the new raised beds. The garden goes up a slope. So, some beds are two blocks high, others are only one. I planted things in each new part as I progressed. It was not pretty. Construction in progress is never attractive! I hired some strong young helpers for a lot of the heavy lifting.

Created some Huglekultur beds. Layered in fallen branches and trees and covered them with dirt. (These are not my pictures. I forgot to take them as I worked) Huglekultur gardens are age friendly , because they are really raised. No digging and less watering are also very age friendly.

Made some cart wide paths covered with upside down carpet acquired from a carpet installer. I can use the cart to deliver hay to each bed. Very age friendly! Moved the fence, installed another gate. It is looking much better! See the chicken barrier fence and even a chicken on patrol.

Got a new cute chicken house. It is light weight and two people can lift it and move it. However, it is made of thin pine. I put some pressure treated 1x6s under the sides. That thin pine would rot in no time! I put the house in a “future bed” this past Spring. And this Winter, my grandsons moved it to another bed. WOW! The dirt under the house is beautiful! Sort of a chicken tractor idea, but only moved it twice a year. The chickens get to roam the garden, but, eat and spend time in their house and shade pen. So that area gets lots of fertilizer!

Attractive little chicken house with pen attached

New cute chicken house

Now I will create a raised bed in that area and plant baby broccoli plants that are hanging out in the greenhouse. Have to put a chicken fence up. The chickens LOVE did broccoli! What beautiful soil those girls created under that house! Former red Georgia clay!

I have to plant as I create the bed. Need to break up the different jobs. I can sit down on the bed and plant. Rest a bit. It is mid January. I have on a short sleeve shirt, pedal pushers and a sweat band! The cold weather is gone. Wish it had left just a little COOL weather behind for this job.


Age Friendly Garden is almost Finished! — 2 Comments

  1. This is my first time to look up permaculture on the web. I am a permie but I too am in the process of doing just about everything you are. Building beds with logs and switching to concrete blocks, etc. I am 64 and just now getting my first garden going. Having moved to KC area from Austin, I know only one couple that are permaculture enthusiast. Being able to read about what you are doing and seeing photos is so helpful to me. Thank you!!! I am looking forward to more.

  2. Welcome Mary-Louise
    I am a Texas girl myself. Grew up in San Antonio. Go to and check the KC boards. You may find some permies in your area. Sign up for my newsletter – to be. As soon as I learn how to do it, I am going to send one! ­čĄö

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