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In the Winter of my gardening life I have discovered Permaculture. I have two  30 year old established gardens that I am going to convert to Permaculture gardens.

WHY? With Permaculture I will be able to continue gardening for as long as I can be a “hunter gatherer”. I am getting older and will soon be unable to do much of the heavy “field hand” work required to maintain a regular garden.

This is a massive project. It will require moving a lot of dirt, concrete blocks and railroad ties. I will have to dig some mini swales, move fences and gates. Build some sun traps with Huglekultur raised beds and 2 block high edges (for me to sit on to plant or harvest) and create “cart wide ” paths. ( Bringing the mulch right to where I want it!)  I will be doing most of it myself with my shovel and trusty garden cart. Fortunately, years of “digging in the dirt” have kept me fairly fit. And I will be REALLY FIT when this is done! I will have to enlist some help with some of the heavy things. Either my garden helper or golfing husband. By the way, I am a 73 year old woman. This is the Summer of 2014.


There is the Upper Garden and the Side Garden. I have a  plan for both. I thought I would chronicle this project. Creating these permaculture gardens will be like “eating  elephant”- one step at a time. Follow along.

Also, there will be chatty posts on what is going on in the garden, greenhouse and with the bees and chickens. And of course any new things I have learned or planned or heard about. And an occasional recipe of something yummy or healthy.

caveat: I am not technical. I am fumbling along on this website. It may get better – maybe not! Spelling and grammar have never been a strong suit for me. Just consider content!


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